[Multiplayer Server Help] Installing Plugins

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  1. I might experiment with multiplayer mods and see if I can get it to work for the cow, but I've been kinda busy lately with work and being sick. But I'll see if I can get it to work soon. I might need a complete list of the wanted mods.
  2. If and when you have the time, could I persuade you to make another one? :D
  3. Maybe
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  4. Okay geniuses out there. I got a 1.5.2 version of mo creatures working on my mp server...but there's an item called a Wyvern (spell?) wand, that's supposed to take you to a new world and fight the Wyvern boss. When we try and use it, it crashes whoever used it and we are forced to delete their player file or they can't get back on the server. Here is the error report generated. Anyone have any idea how to fix this or what would be causing it?

  5. Does the mo creatures run off of another .jar ? some plugins/mods require other plugins/mods to run off of

    Edit: here is a LINK that leads to the client side version... some mods/require both server side and client side to be updated... (I don't know if this is the same one you have or not)

    Also, it says under known bugs ... that the wyvern's cause player's fps to drop substantially.
  6. That's the one I use. I have all the files under the 1.5.2 note properly installed both client and server side. No other mods installed so it SHOULD be working.

    I can spawn wyverns with an egg, but when we try to go to it's "Lair World" with the wand, is when it crashes. Almost as if it can't or won't teleport you to it's lair.
  7. It also says to get:
    Do you have both of those too? ... but if you said it's working - i really see no point in getting the other mods... If it's just a matter of the world itself not loading correctly ... maybe try uninstalling and re-installing the mod and put it on a new world... maybe the world was just corrupted?

    Other then that, I have just a few more suggestions: In your settings it says cheats are set to false... maybe try making sure both cheats and generate random structures are set to true .... also it says features are disabled so try going into the mod settings and make sure it's enabled if you can...

    Hope this will help.

    Edit: it's not letting me change the link's text from grey to white
  8. Yup. I have all of those.
  9. Normally, what you find you want to do is you want to put the zip and the unzipped version in the /Plugins folder - This therefore means that there's little chance the mod isn't working correctly because something that should be unzipped isn't unzipped or viceaversa