Multiplayer Server! (Adventure Lobbies)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by TheEpic5, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. I am looking for someone to play with on a server w/ Coustum Map for 4 hours

    No pvp!
    No hate comments
  2. hmm... mgiht put it up, maybe..
  3. Need someone that will ACUALLY do it, its the map its better toghter
  4. *hate comment*
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  5. .......
  6. It was necessary.
  7. What kind of map is it? Super Hostile?
  8. Better Together.

    It's an extremely hard puzzle map. By hard, I mean it took me 2 days straight of playing it to beat it - And I didn't even beat it - I just ragequit.
  9. i will do it but is it tonight
  10. idk, today?
  11. You on
  12. Nice this looks like fun :)
  13. You wanna try
  14. Maybe, depends on time zones and... Well I can't try for like probably 3 days so... Yeah I'm a bit busy :)
  15. I can host if you want :)
  16. K. I'll give you a map link to put on a server and do it toghter,if thats ok with you.