[MULTIPLAYER LOGIN] Problems logging in | "Timed Out"

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  1. I can't seem to login to ANY Minecraft server for some reason. This has been happening on and off for the past 24 hours; usually just resetting my internet or waiting a while resolved it but not anymore - although last night it happened before the login session servers went down. It's been like this for about an hour now.

    Basically I click connect on the servers list, is remains on "Logging in..." for about 2 minutes and then it says "Timed out" with no error code.

    The problem isn't with Mojang - I think - as all of their servers are online currently.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks :)
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  2. It must be the session servers again. So buggy...
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  3. Force Update? Blow things up?
  4. I support this message :p
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  5. You do know the servers are run by amazon and amazon are having internal network problems. I tried using my EC2 - Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud. Thought it can happen due to a number of things. Eg server going down, minecraft not working properly, security software stopping you using programs firewall. ect

    Thought things with minecaft/mojang have been funny lately. Things should get sorted soon. Check mojang tweets and facebook :p
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  6. I don't think that it's a .minecraft issue :)
    That's what I've been assuming even though help.mojang.com says that servers are up, although players are joining/leaving SMP's often. :/

    Is anyone else not able to connect?
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  7. I can't connect to EMC due to reasons and I am unable to connect to any server due to Internet profiles not working. So I don't think that will help.
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  8. It's Herobrine, I'm sure of it.
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  9. But, wasn't her brine removed a few updates ago? And the update before that? And the update before that. And the update before the update that updated the update?
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  10. I did experience this problem yesterday too, for quite a while I couldn't log in to any EMC server after login out to change servers. I thought it had something to do with Java because the first time I got a Java error message but then I got several different messages.
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  11. Herobrine hacks.
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  12. I have been having the same problem since last night.
  13. It's working for me at the moment, hopefully it stays like that...
  14. Does this relate at all to the lastest java update (Java 7, Update 17 is what I have now)?
  15. It could. Especially with java being the most unstable language ever...
  16. You are so helpful mba. :p
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