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  1. sceenshotminecraft.jpg

    A mod that allows you to just click on a server instead of typing it(Very helpful)
    Windows 7
    Step 1. Click on start button
    Step 2. Type %appdata%
    Step 3. Click on roaming folder
    Step 4. Find and click on .minecraft
    Step 5. Click on Bin
    Step 6. Right click on MINECRAFT(not minecraft 1.7.3)and open with WinRAR
    Step7. Find and DELETE the META-INF folder(make sure your Minecraft is closed)
    Step 8. Open the list mod with WinRAR
    Step 9. Drag and drop all the files in the list mod into minecraft.jar
    Step 10. Open up Minecraft and enjoy switching servers quickly
    For mod
    For WinRAR
  2. does it only work with windows 7?
  3. No but I dont know how to do it on other computers. example:Macbook
  4. Download Spoutcraft as Justin suggested, it's AMAZING has the list built in AND has a buttload of visual options (similar to the ones that we had to mod in Beards, in the past).
  5. Yes spoutcraft is amazing
  6. didnt they add this in 1.8?
  7. Yes they did :_D
  8. Ya
  9. Yes and it now queries the server and tells you how many people are on it as well as what the ping latency is.
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  10. i downloaded spoutcraft...and it wont let me login...i get a message about only playing 1.7.3 if it was installed b4 1.8....i am confused as to why it wont work >.<also not very awake atm lol
  11. This confused me as well as I thought they were 100% separate, but I guess they're somewhat connected somewhere. If you updated and want to downgrade to come back on the Empire server, I added a link to a 1.7.3 file that you just have to replace in your Minecraft folder.
  12. well i didn't update that is the odd part
  13. Yeah, I think you had to have had SC installed DURING 1.7.3 for it to work with 1.7.3.
  14. Download the 1.7.3 JAR and place it in the .spoutcraft/bin folder rather than the .minecraft/bin folder.
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  15. Ah, didn't even think to recommend that somehow. Thanks.
  16. i lack a bin folder in the spoutcraft folder :confused: i am so confused
  17. That's odd. I would recommend completely deleting the .spoutcraft folder (obviously backup anything you created in there), make sure the bin in the .minecraft folder is version 1.7.3 and then run the Spoutcraft JAR. If all goes well it should create the necessary folders including bin.
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  18. hmm still not working i think i need mc at 1.8 for it to run >.> as that is kinda what it is saying
  19. The Minecraft and Spoutcraft clients operate independently and thus can run different versions of the game.