Multi Mini Auction(good stuff)

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  1. pack 1. (32)diamond, (2)(1.30min)speedII, (64)mycelium.
    pack 2. (8.00min)Fire resistance, (splash)instant damageII, diamond.
    pack 3. (8.00min)Fire resistance, streingthII, (64)mycelium,(32)lapis,(2) diamond.
    pack 4. (8.00min)Fire resistance, (64)sandstone, instant healthII
    pack 5. (8.00min)Fire resistance,(unbIII,forI,effIII)diamond pickaxe,(2) diamond.
    pack 6. (efIII)Diamond pickaxe,(2.00min)regeneration potion,diamond.
    pack 7.(64)iron,(64)coal, (8.00min)swiftness, (64)mycelium, (8) diamond.
    pack 8. (64) pumpkin, (64) coal, (2) diamond.
    pack 9. (protectionI)Diamond healmet,(32) lapis, (16) diamond.

    Smp3, 6361, should be right at spawn for the auction winners.
    Minimum bid increace: 100

    starting off with pack #1
  2. ONLY bidding for pack#1
  3. any starting bid or is it player set what we start it out on
  4. OoO soz forgot that
  5. i cant edit it though
  6. well, 1k(1000r)
  7. ill start it then at 500r
  8. or 1k whateves
  9. NO its 1000r
  10. will end roughly 24hr after last bid
  11. I don't think you can auction things like this.
    If I am not wrong only rare items/enchanted items are allowed
  12. All packs 15k
  13. im auctioning all of the packs seperatly
  14. well, maby. i dno il go check with a mod
  15. mod should be comin now
  16. Auctions of these items are disallowed sorry, only enchanted items, and extremely rare items not sold in the /store (such as dragons eggs) are permitted.

    If there was an enchanted item in each pack, with the other items 'thrown in', i think it could be allowed. ;)
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  17. ok, plz lock this thread if you can and il make a new one with encanted stuff
  18. Sure thing. As i understand it, you plan to run these auctions one at a time, with the next one starting after this current one is finished. This is fine too, as long as only 1 is running at a time.
    Please also include all the following elements in the first post:
    • Description of the item.
    • Starting bid of your auction.
    • The minimum amount you will accept for an bid increase.
    • When the auction will end.
    Apart from that, good luck, may the auctions gods be kind to you. ;)
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.