Muffins Versus Pie

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What is better?

Poll closed Aug 5, 2013.
Muffins 10 vote(s) 52.6%
Pies 9 vote(s) 47.4%

  1. It's time to settle this permanently! Vote on the survey, post a reason why either is better (more details bellow), and like the post containing your vote! Rules on posting: 1. Only one post per person 2. Post must only contain the reason why it is better.
  2. Brownies dominate all. Edit: The picture on the left is probably not the best thing for EMC.
  3. MUFFINS!!!!
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  4. You deliberately found a bad picture of pie, but that picture on the right is also pie, and I think the bad picture is inappropriate for EMC.
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  5. fixed it
  6. It's still the persons fault they don't know how to make pie, only experienced chefs can do so.
  7. i didnt really realize it until after i was told, it was supposed to be a really crappy muffin

    Pie is the best

    Reason: it is actually in vanilla minecraft
  8. No muffin. Defiantly muffin.
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  9. Brooooooooooownies beats both ...

    I couldnt see it in this "competition" so I choose Brownie :)
  10. Missing Texure?
  11. Pie.
    Because their queen Cordial_Pie rules over them
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    Besides, I kinda of agree with cordial, that at least you could have made both the pictures look fairly decent...
    But, it's obvious, that this thread is not suppose to exist. That's why I have never created one before, and the same with cordial, because we both like two different things (pies used to be my fetish :3) and we don't want each other to get our feelings hurt over which one is better (I think muffins are but still...)... Anyways, with that, I order all muffin eaters to ignore this thread to save the world! Pies, Muffins, potatoes will all live in peace, but cup cakes are now branded delicious muffins :D
  13. muffins dont exist in vannila minecraft
  14. Yes, I agree with this post, both muffins and pies are desserts, and we should live in peace. Potatoes are not desserts but I will be happy to coexist with them also.

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  15. OH NO!! Here comes the potato argument again!
  16. The cake is a lie, the cake shall forever be shunned. Surely you know the tale of Roblikescake?
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  17. I do, but let's go to another thread for that.
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  18. Don't even get me started!
    Surely, you saw what I thought about him on his wall...