muffins! NAVI! Say it!

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  2. Ya navi this is pay back for innoing me when you keep saying "Hey! Hey! Link! Hey!
    The doors looked" when I was trapped fighting 5 lizard thingies
    BY THE WAY it came from majoras mask and ocarina of time
    Me: navi.... Befor I go I have 1 thing to say

    Navi: what?

    Me: SAY MUFFINS!!!!!!

    Navi: *sobs* why do you hate me!? *sobs*
  3. I want majoras mask so bad...
    I hate u for doin dis to me...
    Now I got to spend 25$ on wii points =3
  4. Not true. Navi is from Oot only. Tadel and Tael are from Majora's mask however, it is a continuation of Oot after link is transported back to HYrule after defeating Ganadorf with the help of the sages. :) I am a Legend of Zelda geek. :p
    Muffin. :3
    DO NOT TRUST Pinkie Pie... Her and those "cup cakes"...
  5. I know dat :p
    I am too
    Ya muffins.. But I can't find da banana nut one :(
    Sure... I like sushi better anyways
  6. When I read this I thought It said Muffin Nazi's, I am disappointed
  7. :eek: muffin wars!
    Defeat the cupcakes!
  8. I like muffin land where all the muffins go! They are like the muffin tree :3 I am enjoying my muffin vacation will be back in game later tomorrow I mean tonight forgot it is after midnight disney is ruff