MrWhos's Emerald Supply Co.

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  1. This is my little business, it supplies all the things below, and more to come hopefully. Please take into consideration your order might take a while, espicially if someone is infront, if you can imagine. So just wait till someone's order is complete, and then put it through, it will make it better. But the rest you can order.



    Stack 1152

    SC: 31104

    DC: 62208

    Exp Bottles

    Stack: 1000

    SC: 27000

    DC: 54000


    60r each

    Stack: 3840

    Max of 5 stacks PP, per week


    Stack: 1,000r

    SC: 27,000r

    DC: 54,000r

    Note: In the future there will be more items to come hopefully
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  2. Are two threads really necessary?
  3. Shuttuppppp lol, I aciidently realised I posted it in the other forum lol, Im taking it down though lol
  4. Can I have 1 stack of emeralds please and does this get delivered or shall I pick up if so where shall I pick up?
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  5. I can drop it off, where do you want me to drop it off?
  6. Edit: Added new bookshelfs
  7. Can you drop it off to 9314 (smp4) I will pay as soon as you say thanks
  8. please can I have them as soon as pos
  9. One double chest of Emeralds please.
    You can deliver part of it as soon as possible.
    I have started a private message for details.
    Thank you.
  10. Please can I have 3 stacks of emeralds I think its 3,456r thanks
  11. when can I have them as I need them ASAP
  12. How fast could you finish an order for a single chest?
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  13. Sorry customers, this thread will be kinda closed, I wont be taking any orders for around a month and a bit. I have been banned for a month and will barely get on. After I have one order which shouldnt take long. But in around 6 weeks time I will be back and ready to work, if only for a year as I am them probably going to be on very rarely as I am leading up to the ADFA and the Army and university. But I should be good for a year, in around 6 weeks time!
  14. EDIT: For the next month mainly Jay25000 will be taking orders. He will be the Co-Owner of this Buisness as well. Thank you Jay!
    Start a PM With Jay25000 and work it out. He will discuss if he can do it or not.

    New: Glowstone!
    Stack: 1,000r
    SC: 27,000r
    DC: 54,000r