MrWhos&Mossi's ArmourTools&RareCo (More Coming!)

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  1. Pretty Simple guys. Work out what you want below, and order it :D We will be taking Diamonds And Rupees. Whatever you want to pay in. Read below for instructions.

    Please stay reasonable with orders! We also have a outside of Minecraft Life, so don't order as much as you can just to break the Company, because then others who are willing to only order what they NEED, will miss out. If we catch you, we will not take any orders from you. Thank you.

    Chestplate: 6 Diamonds or 350 Rupees.
    Legging: 5 diamonds or 300 Rupees.
    Helmet: 3 Diamonds or 200 Rupees.
    Boots: 2 Diamonds or 150 Rupees.

    Pick: 2 Diamonds or 100 Rupees
    Sword: 1 Diamond or 50 Rupees
    Axe: 2 Diamonds or 100 Rupees
    Hoe: 1 Diamond or 50 Rupees.
    Shovel: 5 Gold Ingots (Needing Gold) or 50 Rupees.

    Chain Mail:
    Chestplate: 7 Diamonds or 400 Rupees
    Legging: 6 Diamonds or 350 Rupees
    Helmet: 4 Diamonds or 250 Rupees
    Boots: 3 Diamonds or 200 Rupees.

    Chestplate: 6 Iron or 35 Rupees
    Legging: 5 Iron or 30 Rupees
    Helmet: 3 Iron or 20 Rupees
    Boots: 2 Iron or 15 Rupees

    Pick: 2 Iron or 12 Rupees
    Sword: 1 Iron or 7 Rupees
    Axe: 2 Iron or 12 Rupees
    Shovel: 5 Coal or 4 Rupees
    Hoe: 1 Iron or 7 Rupees.

    Max Glowstone per Week (PP) = Double Chest

    1 = 18 Rupees
    64 = 1150 Rupees
    Single Chest = 31,100 Rupees.
    Double Chest = 62,000 Rupees.

    Exp Bottles:

    Max Exp Bottles per week (PP) = Double Chest
    1 = 15 Rupees
    64 = 900 Rupees.
    Single Chest = 24,500 Rupees.

    Double Chest = 48,500 Rupees.

    Max Emeralds pew week (PP) = Double Chest

    1 = 22 Rupees.
    64 = 1,400 Rupees.
    Single Chest = 37, 700 Rupees.
    Double Chest = 75,500 Rupees.

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  2. I'll take 16 stacks of glowstone, please. When will you have it by?
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  3. In 7 days :) That's when we open :D Do you want us to drop of for an extra 100 Rupees ontop of your 13,312?
  4. I'm fine with picking up :)
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  5. EDIT: All pickups will be at 15177, Smp7 (MrWhosMagic), It will be right infront of spawn or a TP Pad :) It is an extra 100r for any drop offs, please note where you want me to drop it of at, with the TOTAL price of the Whole order
  6. So let me get this straight. You are trading a diamond chesplate which costs 8 diamonds to make for 6 diamonds?
  7. Exactly :) You guys get a great deal.
  8. Order complete :) Once payment of 13,312 Rupees has been recieves, access chest will be up at 15177 :)
  9. Paid
  10. Thank you :) access chest is up now.
  11. You spelled [Access] wrong, mate.
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  12. Could I Have The Diamond Helmet And Boots. I'll Give You Diamonds.
  13. Sorry for that inconvenience it has just been fixed
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  14. Yes that will be 5 diamonds in all I will setup an access chest for you at 15177 once you have payed your diamonds. (There will be a hopper there for you to drop them in)
  15. Bump :) No more pe-ordering. Coming live now.
  16. I Put The Diamonds In :)
  17. KK ill make you an access sign