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  1. Hey guys, i am officially announcing a possible charity, where the spoinsors of the charity, donate money to new members, seeing as i give away rupees all the time, i figured i could make something official!
    Donators are needed as i cant donate all my money!


    For more information, Please leave a comment or Send me a pm.

    Thanks alot! And hopfully YOU can * Make it happen *
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  2. Yeah you can donate... If we wanted to donate, we donate.
  3. Negativity :( Smileys % if coming back went down 1%
  4. NOO I never donate for a good cause :)
    Just kiddin!
  5. I donate... Just directly to the person!
  6. Charity > Singular Donations
  7. Donating to new members is a BAD, BAD idea.

    "Give a man a fish, you feed him for a night. Teach him how to fish, you feed him for life.

    I never donate unless it's for a good cause. :)
  8. Don't new members already have 1.5k?
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  9. Too true /\,

    We need to teach our new players how to play EMC
  10. Yep!
    They just seem to blow it in a matter of seconds in /shop XD
  11. when i started i though 1.5k was rich...........
  12. Giving them money? Then why do all the older members have to work their a** off to get the amount of rupees we have now? When all the new members just have to ask "Can Someone Pwease Donatez?" Its unfair and annoying. Plus, begging would come back again when new members see others giving them money.

    I'm not stating a fact, just what I would think. Some members are already greedy, why support their greediness? I' not saying I will never donate to anything, just something meaningful. Not spoon-feeding new members.
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  13. Thats so TRUE!! Because we have money we have to give it? And see NOTHING but no begging? Why cant people just learn to make money?!
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  14. I HAVE A BETTER IDEA! I will give everyone who mention "Teaching them how" in this thread, once i figure it out completely i will make post, for info send me a PM xD
  15. That doesn't make sense ahaha
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  16. It doesn't have to! xD