Mrs. Moose

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  1. Once upon a time a beautiful red dragon fell in love with a handsome moose...

    Like all fairy tale loves that we read about, we have no ability to actually be part of the story. But we can rejoice with our protagonists! And pay what little tributes we can to them. ♡

    So to celebrate the forthcoming nuptials, a little mother fox, trotted out of her tulip covered den, found a picture, and changed her avatar to a moose in honor of our beloved dragon becoming Mrs. Moose.

    Congratulations, Krysyy and Moose!
    Your EMC family send you many well wishes and happy thoughts on one of your most joyous occasions.

  2. Lol that's my new status now with a little change ~_^

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  3. wow lol so dragonmoose are a thing in avatar it seems :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.