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  1. Ok, so like 300-400 days of EMC and I just realized I've never actually posted a thread here! I've noticed a lot of 'old' players doing these so I might as well do one too.

    To start off with, my name is Kitty. Yes, and I am a girl, for those who didn't already know :p I turned 13 last week, and I'm in year 9 at school.

    I love art, photography and acting; I take art and drama at school, and my mum bought me a wonderful nikon camera for Christmas last year (and this minecraft account, mind you :p). I've played violin and piano just about my whole life, as my parents are music teachers. I recently got singing lessons, and I generally teach myself guitar. I loooove reading and last year at intermediate I would just about read a book a day coz I spent most of my lunch times in the library reading some crappy book. Mind you, I have found my fair share of good books. The Maze Runner (DUH), Harry Potter, Mortal Instrument series (also the Infernal Devices series by same author, this series links to the other), the Hunger Games are crap books but a great plot, and the Hobbit and the Lord of The Rings are great movies (by the one and only Peter Jackson :D - kiwi like me), but I'm not a great fan of Tolkien's writing style.

    Minecraft wise, I started playing because my brother got into it. I started playing then stopped. Now, I got a laptop, so I started to start playing again, this time afresh with new knowledge, and promptly checked out several servers, but settled on EMC. I was a good ol' noob for quite a while, and getting this new account gave me plenty of new opportunity to start as a not-noob. Now, on my old account I was greatly involved in the horse market and I also did my fair share of pixel art too. I won't lie: I actually SUCK at pixel art. I use this program called Woolify (if you want it, be PREPARED to find the link - it's extremely hard, soz I don't have it!) which pixelises the pic and also tells the user what blocks are used etc. It's really useful, believe me. These days, I have been really busy out in the the smp7 frontier (smp9 is my home server, but smp7 my base, I guess) with my outpost, and various other things. I literally today started using Mumble, and not meaning to sound creepy, but I just love listening in to everyone chatting away in their conversations... xD

    Sport wise, I'm pretty active I guess. I have PE at school on Mondays and Tuesdays, also on Tuesdays I get up at like 6am to go to a school running club called AM Mayhem (true to its name), and I'm going hard out as cross country is soon and I need to keep my title lol. I won it last year. I play football (or soccer whatever you wanna call it) for two teams, and I also fence with my brother (fencing is sword fighting btw MWA HAHAHA lol).

    Ok that's just about it, I know noone probably cares about me rattling on about my life but oh well. Felt I needed to do this. Lol.
  2. Hello!
    Great to see another Kiwi! (Yes, I am from New Zealand too!)
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  3. Whooo lol
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  4. Would you like some fantasy book series suggestions?
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  5. Hey, you.
    Yes, you.
    Stay classy.
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  6. Welcome to the Empire Kitty. Loved your intro. :)
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  7. Sure!
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  8. Welcome to the Empire!, Kitty - nice meeting you ;3
  9. Gotta love The Maze Runner, if only James Dashner didn't kill off my favorite character :(
    It's one of the only books I've ever cried in, which is surprising since I generally have a cold heart... (also, have you heard that Dashner is writing another prequel called The Fever Code, but it's gonna be about Newt, Minho, Thomas, etc, backstories :D )
    EDIT: Forgot to say 'welcome', even though I've known you for over 200+ days :p
  10. The Inheritance series (Eragon through Inheritance), the Ranger's Apprentice series (It's kinda more medeival than magical, but there's some mystical things.), the Heron Brotherband Chronicles (They're written by the same person who wrote Ranger's Apprentice. They tie into the storyline a little.), the Riyria Revelations, the Reckoners series, the Dragons in our Midst series (and the subsequent two series that follow), the Archives of Anthropos (similar in writing to the Chronicles of Narnia, though the plot isn't the same), the Deryni novels by Katherine Kurtz (Her books make up trilogies that are all the same world. I suggest starting with the Childe Morgan series and then reading the first series published.), and Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles are all really good candidates. The reason I'm not posting this in a P.M. is because other people may want to read them, too. :p