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  1. Hey everyone, the name is Jeremy. I'm 22 years young, I live in Wisconsin and I currently work at a store. I enjoy playing minecraft, call of duty, battlefield, Red orchestra, action games, adventure, strategy, RPG, indie ect...
  2. Welcome man have fun and stay long what server are you thinking of going on?
  3. I have been playing on the SMP4 server but I recently did something I shouldn't have so I'm waiting on that.
  4. I'm on SMP4 as well! my res is 9412. What is it that you did?
  5. started a forest fire. :)
  6. Welcome! I would say it is nice to see another adult as a member . . . ;)

    We are all stewards of the various worlds we play on. We are all responsible for ensuring everyone has a positive gameplay experience on a multiplayer server.
  7. <3
  8. Well that's interesting.

    My name is Jeremy. I'm 26 and also live in Wisconsin, haha. Where abouts are ya in WI?
  9. South eastern Wisconsin
  10. Go Wisconsin! :D
    And welcome to EMC, cousin! The greatest servers in all the land! xD
  11. Your only 26? By the looks of you in the show yourself thread you look older. No offence though mate!
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  12. Welcome to the Empire! :D
  13. Welcomes! I am a tomato who love GIFs just ask Jeremy ;) and I am also on smp4 (8017)