MR2R2M's "Sheep Shack"

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  1. So here we go guys, the first project I have done on one of my Utopia residence..... a sheep farm.

    I originally had one big area (the size of two pens) and then decided it would be better to have one pen for each colored sheep. And this is what I have come up with.
    2011-11-29_15.10.58 (2).gif 2011-11-29_15.10.58.gif 2011-11-29_15.44.45.gif 2011-11-29_15.50.24.gif 2011-11-29_15.50.27.gif 2011-11-29_15.50.32.gif 2011-11-29_15.50.34.gif 2011-11-29_15.50.43.gif 2011-11-29_15.50.45.gif 2011-11-29_15.50.51.gif
  2. Awesome, glad you posted it
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  3. Good!

    Now make it bigger.
  4. Yea I will be doing that when I have enough resources :)