mr.tnt (aikar)

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by stormboy231, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. mr.tnt blow up my old res 8042

    i loved it but my computer didnt

    but not to worry i have a new res 8402 :D
  2. I'm confused...are you asking Aikar to blow up your res (which I can't imagine him doing), or saying that he already has for whatever reason?
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  3. Lol now I'm confused too.
  4. he already did!

  5. Why would he blow up your residence, when TNT is a feature only meant for diamond supporters?
  6. ask him thats y he is now called mr.tnt
  7. Lol last time I checked, ICC was king of TNT .
  8. Will chech again :)
  9. ICC is TNT king, forever and always.
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  10. Why do most of you're threads seem quite spammy? And they wont blow up you're res. Oh and its IcC and his crazy TNT addiction! :S
  11. I'm just as confused but apparently Aikar already blew up his res?
  12. Talk to aikar you will see
  13. Your spelling hurts my eyes.
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  14. Last night (after the death event) there was a res that the owner had not been connected in over 70 days. Aikar disguised himself as a bat and put tnt all over it and blew the place up. The res was not owned by stormboy, but he kept rambling on about how he would miss his old res...
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  15. So Aikar is TNT king now? I have a feeling that a certain cow is not happy with that. *begins building nuclear bunker on res*
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  16. Wait stop there I'm the owner of that res forgot my password for minecraft so I asked him myself to TNT it
  17. This is my second account look I can talk as dankuso103 right now
  18. It's not official until we have a "Look at What Aikar Did!" video. :D
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  19. Hi there I'm stormboy231 and first owner of the res
  20. The miss isn't there no more he reset the res plus my minecraft shut down it self 2 times after that