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  1. how do i move my home to sever 6
  2. You will have to unclaim your residence on your current residence, and then claim a new one on smp6. Your items cannot be transferred. Well you can put stuff into your vault to take with you, but what you've built on your current res can't be moved over.
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  3. yea but i am a little nevus that my land will be gone
  4. On the EMC servers is not possible to 'bring' your residence (or better: What's built on it) to other SMP's, for a simple reason: It would genereate mass lag (imagine if d1223m just decides to move his shop xD) so the only thing you can do is: Bring down (by hand) every single block of your house --> /res unclaim --> go to the desired smp ---> /res claim
  5. Unfortunately you will need to reset your res in order to gain a new res.