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  1. Hi its Tromdon13.

    just posting that im moving and as of the 23rd of August will be without internet till im all settled. Posting this to let people know so my res, 2320, wont get reset/claimed.

    see you guys soon,

  2. You need to add IcecreamCow, shaunwhite1982, bigdavie, and Maxarias to a conversation explaining the situation.
  3. I suggest sending this directly to IcecreamCow in private conversation, that way you can make sure he'll see it and protect your res. :)
  4. I would PM the senior staff and IcC about this, as they are the only ones that can do this for you. Hope you move safely :D EDIT: Really? Oh come on guys, getting ninja'ed twice means I'll strike.
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  5. I have never ninja'd 2 people in a row... That's how active Emc is!