Moving to a new server with a free account?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by SpaceShuttleFan, May 7, 2012.

  1. I'm trying to figure out how to move to another server with a free account. I have much more stuff than the vault can handle, and I can't have 2 residences at once. So what do I do? Thanks!
  2. Vault things individually, then unclaim ur res. then go to he server you want and claim a res there. Simple! :p
  3. ask a friend for a chest with an access sign on the desired server. vault stuff into the chests. repeat. unclaim res. claim new res. done! :)
  4. You can ask a friend to host a few chests on their lot for you while you change over. Depending on what server you are coming from/going to, I would be happy to provide some storage for you. :)
  5. Which server are you headed to? I have a empty res on smp9 that I would be more then happy to allow you to temporarily store your things there while you move. I can just set up some chests and give you container permission as I have nothing on the res that I have to worry about. It will take more rupees if you are going to a different server than smp9 because you will have to use the vault more times, but its a way you can keep your stuff. If your nice, I might even lend you some rupees so that you can access the vault multiple times. ;)

    Let me know, Im happy to help!
  6. Thanks for the help, everybody. I'll get help from one of you guys as soon as I figure out how to go about taking down my res. ;)
  7. I have a res on smp4 if you decide to move there. I've had people help me out before and I would love to return the favor. I would help you vault your items. It is just an offer, I know trust is always an issue.
  8. I'm on smp2, smp5, smp7 and smp8 and would be willing to house a temporary storage area for you on any of those too :) If you need it.
  9. I usually take everything in stacks, and give away the rest. I usually find the most random, not out there at all person on the server to help me move. I pay them, and I never seem to get stuff stolen. Only when I make friends and choose the wrong person do I get stuff stolen, strangers are TOTALLY trustable.
  10. Wow, this many offers? This is what makes the Empire awesome. Thanks again, everybody! You all get one of these. (I'll be choosing a server soon.)
  11. Smp 3 please!!! ill give you free chests on my res if you do, we have SO many noobs here!
  12. I can convert my munitions storage into a storage room for you on SMP6 if you need storage there.. Of course I could also build an additional storage room for you, so I wouldn't need to move my tnt, ender pearls and fire charges around.. xD
  13. I can provide storage on smp2, if you decide to come here. Which I hope you do.
  14. Okay, I've decided. I'm using MEINCRAVTA's service to move to SMP#. <--See what I did there? ;)
  15. SMP Number? Jee, real specific. :p
  16. Ok, want me to be on SMP3 right now?