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  1. So uh... Today I moved to SMP4. Problem is, i've unclaimed my res on SMP7, but it says I have a res already claimed when I use /res forceclaim (on a derelict res) soooo..... I now have no home..... The res i'm trying to claim is 9264, and the res I unclaimed was 14525. Yeah.... #BlameAikar
  2. Do you already have a second res if you were previously a supporter? The same thing happened to me, haha.
  3. oh yeah..... (Crap, do I need to unclaim it?)
  4. I'm afraid you have to - that or purchasing Gold/Diamond again.
  5. Aww well... Bai Utopia res :,(
  6. Oh I have this problem.
    It's #BlamSYSTEM
    This is how my reses are messed up >_<
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  7. Great, now I feel bad...
  8. Hope your problem has been resolved. Welcome to SMP 4! :cool:
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  9. It's ok, i'm planning on picking up my gold supporter again anyway :p
    Thanks! I am now res 9264! :D
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