{Movie Talk} Talk About Movies you just Saw!

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  1. Probably my favorite Tarantino, and I've seen them all, is Reservoir Dogs, an earlier one.
  2. I would say that I recently saw a movie, but not over the past few weeks. I'll talk about it anyway because how significant it was to me:

    Disney and Pixar's - Inside Out

    This film impacted me so much that I recorded the setting in such great detail:
    I saw this movie on June 29, 2015 within the 4:00 afternoon hour in a local movie theater.

    I could talk all-day long about how beautiful this movie is, but then I would spoil it for those who haven't seen it in the process.

    *I might later on fill in this deeply nested spoiler.
    If you haven't seen the movie yet, I suggest that you avoid it.;)

  3. I watched the new Mad Max movie and thought it was great. I couldn't compare it to the old ones as I haven't seen them but the new film was fantastic!
  4. I just watched fantastic four and even though it was missing the Stan lee cameo and the end credit scene I enjoyed the movie.
  5. I most recently watched "The Last Witch Hunter" and I could not have been more disappointed with the story unless they decided to go to the extreme lengths to ruin the lore as the Twilight series did with Vampires...

    TLWH was just too rushed. It started slow, didn't really focus on good story points and the end was so hurried that the action scenes were not enough to make me regret missing the first 10 minutes of the movie.
    Vin Diesel has been great in many movies, but this was not one of them. I do have to say though, I found myself a new redheaded actress to drool over. :) Rose Leslie is stunning, more attractive than Emma Stone and even Mila Kunis pales in comparison. Sadly for Mila Kunis, her role in Family Guy as Meg makes it very difficult to take her seriously in anything anymore and I grew up with a crush on her from That 70's Show. Though Laura Prepon is still in my top 5 most attractive redheads in television and movies. ;)

    Anyhow, I also watched Sicario and I loved it. It could have been even longer, though the 2 hour runtime was more than enough to tell the story. I just wish I could peer into the story about the lives of the characters even more, considering it is based on real events. (I just might be confusing this with another film, can't get Google search to work on the PC anymore today. Slow satellite internet is being throttled...)

    Pulp Fiction, Django, "Django Kill, if you Live", and Django Unchained are some of the best movies as well.
    I also re-watch Tombstone and The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly religiously. I am a super fan of old western films and tv shows. I always felt I was born in the wrong decade... This may be tied to my indirect family line to Doc Holiday by way of his adopted brother Fransisco Hidalgo. I want to meet Clint Eastwood before he dies, as he and Quentin Tarantino have had the biggest affect on my movie influences. Especially the Mexico Trilogy that culminates with Once Upon a Time in Mexico. -- My favorite Dish Network channel is 253 the El Rey Network.

    Because of El Rey I have seen hundreds of movies I have never heard of, including 47 Ronin, and amazing movie honoring the real life Samurai known as the 47 Ronin.

    Not a movie, but based on the original, From Dusk til Dawn the series just ended season 2 on Tuesday night. I loved the movie and the series was way more engaging. I am very happy the movie was retold in a TV series, especially with more current and way more attractive cast than the movie. The whole series has gone beyond the scene in the Titty Twister Saloon and instead of Seth killing Richard in the Saloon, as was done in the movie, he allows him to live and they have many ups and downs in their relationship. The whole secondary power of all culebras has really brought the whole story to the next level in the best possible way. Paul Rodriguez is an amazing director and I hope he completes the entirety of the story he plans to create within this particular canon.
    This show I could go on and on about endlessly. Knowing Spanish has made it even more entertaining because they don't subtitle everything spoken in Spanish, and so I get some of the jokes and serious dialogue that is lost on others. Though truth be told, El Rey is a Spanish channel presented mostly in English -- more of a Spanglish network. ;)
  6. Anyone seen `The Martian'? :rolleyes:
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  7. I will torrent it before I go to the theater or buy the DVD. :cool:

    I don't get excited by the previews and after a couple of bad movies, $8 - $12 per ticket (depending on show times...) I refuse to gamble with my limited budget.
  8. I went to go watch Pan the other day... it was SOOOO good. I am a fantasy nerd... my RLA teacher says that I have to stop reading Fantasy. Anyway, it was basically a remix of Peter Pan...
  9. Funny, you're the first person I've saw to say that. Everyone else I've spoken to says it was utter crap. Every movie critic under the Sun seems to agree with them :p

    I watched San Andreas last night. The CGI started off good, but they seemed to have run out of money halfway through the film and the CGI got progressively worse from that point. The two 'English' kid's voices annoyed the crap out of me (so do all posh voices - I'm pretty sure every Northerner hates them, though <3). Movie was pretty entertaining if you like complete and utter destruction and summer blockbusters. I thought it was fun to watch, but as a movie, it was pretty mediocre :p

    Hoping to see Star Wars when it comes out in the cinema. The last movie I went out to see was Jurassic World, which I thought was fantastic. I'm also going to see Mockingjay Part Two, which I'm hoping was better than Part One, which I thought was pretty 'meh'.
  10. The hype with Jurrasic World is very well deserved. I loved it and even though I first torrented it, I have watched it in theaters twice! :) I look forward to the Blu-ray release to watch on my home screen.
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  11. I am a fantasy nerd...
  12. Its good XD
  13. So are most people who hate Pan :p