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  1. Brandop123 and Cypher_Rahl are making a HUGE mountain on smp8 and is right near the spawn the res # is 16002.Will be making it out of many different materials and not just the dirt that is there now.
    There will be a path leading up to a a nether castle.
    This mountain will take up almost ALL of my residence.
    There will also be some hidden feature for people to find.
    we have many cool ideas and we would like EMC to suggest some ideas
    donations are highly appreciated.
    some things we need in mass are smooth stone or cobblestone,obsidian,netherbrick,rupees,ores,and redstone stuff.
    Also if you are a very good builder and have skype and you would like to help build it,talk to chypher_rahl.
    Your friends,Brandop123 and Cypher_Rahl
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  2. idea, make an artificial abandoned mine shaft underneath it with a dungeon in it somewhere. maybe use iron bars to emulate the spawner XD
  3. thats a neat idea
  4. We already had a dungeon in mind unless you're referring to like some parkour/platform game type dungeon- which we also talked about. xD
  5. could make the abandoned mine maze like with the dungeon as its end, have a prize or something in a chest there XD maybe a villager or two to act as zombies lol
  6. We have a few surprises in store. =]
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  7. please do not do that. If you dont mind. If you have no content to add, then just wait until you do.
  8. Is it going to be a big mountain?
  9. Very big mountain. Very big castle. It will easily rival any other building out there. It's just in the land scaping phase at the moment- which in itself is extensive.
  10. Great can't wait to see it :)
  11. You should turn this into a adventure map thingy
  12. possibly
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  13. anyone else have some ideas or donations
  14. Make a rollar coster in it, you will know whati mean if you have ever been on a version of the runaway train or search the one at Disneyland Paris on you tube
  15. Can I help what is your Skype name
  16. cypher is the lead builder for now so actually talk to him.
  17. its a giant tree house sort of hard to see but please

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  18. Post the res#