Mound Mining Party

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  1. Hello everyone, Mman and Allicanto here, and it's time for the greatest thing you will ever do on December 19th in your life!

    What is it?
    Allicanto and I have created a mound of rare blocks, chests with items and other goodies. When the event start everyone will be given build, move and container. Your job is to completely dismantle this mound, anything you find or mine is yours to keep.

    When is it?
    December 19th at 6:00 PM EMC Time (3:00 PST)

    Where is it?
    14005 on smp7, or go to /town, do a 180 and go slightly right.

    Why Should I Come?

    We are ONLY giving out great stuff, there is no dirt, wool, clay, food items, or cheap stuff.

    To donate start a PM with both me and Allicanto.We currently only need donations of ores, heads, rare blocks or promos. All donations will get a shout-out in this thread and a shout-out during the event.
    Donors: WyntyrRaevyn, OriginalScuf, NickkG, Eviltoade, iamcavie, THE_LEGEND4, itsmematheus, xXrynomiteXx, Phalanx12, Azygos13,
    padde73, ChrisTheHylian, ShavingFoam, ww2fan168, Hashhog, deathconn, highlancer54.
  2. What will be in the Mound?

    Logs ,Glass, 1.8 Blocks, Stone with 1.8 variations, Slime Blocks, Obsidian, Glowstone, Nether Brick, Assorted Ores, Assorted Rare Blocks.

    Mob Heads, God Gear, Enchantment Books, Shiny Arrows and Flesh, Zombie Viruses,+120 speed Horses, Golden Apples, Ghast Tears, Random Enchanted Gear, Horse Armor.

    Super Rare Stuff:
    ± 16 of every haunted candy
    24 Taste The Freedom Steaks
    74 Cooked Turkey
    4 Stacks of Cupid Arrows
    Getting Started Book
    3 New Year Fireworks (2014)
    2 Remembrance Poppies
    Stable Voucher
    4 Vault Voucher
    2015 Birthday Cake
    Meteor Bow
    Meteor Bow (used)
    Magical Eggcellent Wand
    Spooky Egg
    2 Mineral Mincer
    Ham Hacker (slightly used)
    Special NickkG book
    a beautiful beacon
    Turkey slicer
    2 Marlix Bows

    4 vigorous_goat heads (poke ball)
    5 "1st Place at an Mman Event" (dia block)
    10 Mman heads
    14 "presents"
    Eviltoade head!
    itsmematheus head!

    There will be multiple present heads hidden
    in the glorious mess we made :p
    Those presents, other then the normal ones, will be coded
    You will be able to redeem them for a rupee prize

    Originalscuf: Beacon, 10 dia blocks, 12 stacks of Quartz
    Eviltoade: his head! (one of only 11!)
    NickkG: Mineral Mincer, Vault Voucher, and special book!
    THE_LEGEND4: His head
    iamcavie: Vault Voucher
    itsmematheus: His head
    Xxpynomitexx: meteor bow (used), cupid arrows, 17k and more
    Phalanx12: (to much good stuff to write down)
    Azygos13: 4 stacks of quartz and ore + more
    Padde73: Turkey Slicer and Marlix Bow (x2)
  3. I'll try to make it :)
  4. First of all the 19th of December is the best every year and I will definitely try to come! :)
  5. Op was just updated and title was changed to make it less confusing.
  6. Are the tools provided or do we have to bring them? I suggest provided tools because some players might have a better tool than others. Just a suggestion though, you don't have to ;)
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  7. Nope you have to bring your own tools, we want to focus on making the mound as great as possible and making a ton of god picks would take a lot of resources.
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  8. A Big Thanks To Originalscuf
    for donating:
    1 beacon
    10 diamond blocks
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  9. Thanks to eviltoade for donating his head! (one of only 11!)
    Thanks to NickkG for his very generous donation of a Mineral Mincer, Vault Voucher, and special book!
    Thanks to Original Scuf for 12 Stacks of quartz!
    you all rock!
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  10. I smell a giveaway in a creative form am I right :D
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  11. No, this isn't a giveaway at all, giveaways are typically on the forum and involve a person being selected to win a prize. What I assume you meant to say was drop party, which I would also say is incorrect. This most closely resembles a scavenger hunt/ grief party. The idea is even if you don't get some of the super rare items, everyone walks away with something good.
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  12. Bump :D
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  13. Im coming for sure!
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  14. Thank you iamcavie for your donation of a vault voucher!
    Thanks THE_LEGEND4 for donating your head!
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  15. Thanks to itsmematheus for donating his head!
    Thanks to xXrynomiteXx for 17k, a god axe, a full set of diamond armor, Meteor bow, and cupid arrows.
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  16. A Huge thanks for Phalanx12
    For donating a huge load of stuff:
    3 stacks of sea lanterns
    3 stacks of quartz blocks
    3 stacks of glowstone
    10 blocks of coal, iron, redstone, lapiz and gold
    5 blocks of diamond and emerald
    4 horse armors (2 diamond)
    3 saddles
    3 horses
    64 cooked turkey

    Would anyone go crazier with a donation?
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  17. Thhanks so much to everyone that has donated so far, I have finals starting tomorrow so I probably won't be able to do a ton, but we still need lots of rare gems, so I will be organizing some mining expeditions, probably Monday night :).
  18. I'll be coming. Or at least will try to make it! It sounds a lot of fun though!