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  1. If you are enchanting items with a view to selling them what is likely to go for the most rupees if enchanted well? I was thinking a pick axe but was not sure.
  2. Well I think that to, but a sword with looting is good to so?
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  3. I think the most valuable thing in MC is the Dragon Egg :p
  4. Not funny :)
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  5. Yes, diamond pickaxes. Value depends, of course, upon what people are buying for. You can auction them off in-game, or sell at whatever price pleases you. Your best bets for high price sells are Fortune III and Silk Touch enchantments. Either one becomes much more valuable with Unbreak III.

    looting was mentioned... also a valuable enchantment.

    You can also sell Unbreak III with Efficiency (III, IV, V) as "smashers", and make a good bit of dough.

    Several other enchantments for weapons and armor that will fetch you money as well.

    As always, you just have to take a chance with an auction or set your price and showcase items until somebody will pay.

    Happy enchanting :)
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  6. You should had made it: Most valueable enchanted item.

    -And i don't know, enchanted stuff are being sold cheap now, so it depends.
  7. Yea i should have