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  1. Hey guys! res 7076 sells 32 melons for 2r and 32 carrots for 5r. If you own a mall and you need a supplier of melon, pumpkin, any seeds, carrots, melons, or pumpkins, I'm your man. Will sell super ultra cheap if asked.
  2. I need tons of wheat for my mall, you think you can get that for me?

  3. Name a price per stack
  4. 8-12r
    Is that good?
  5. 10r is awesome
  6. Kk

    I need 27 stacks
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  7. Ok right now I have to go but I will message you when I'm back :D
  8. Pm me when you have the order ;)
  9. can you stock my mega mall when it is up and running?
  10. I'll order like a SC of wheat for 270r, if you want. (10r a stack)

    It's for a mall so I'll probably order again if you can do that :)
  11. xothis PM me I'm supplying someone else but I'll see what I can do
  12. Right now I'm supplying someone right now, I'll see what I can do when I'm done with this order but xharo I'll start gathering my wheat farms just in case.
  13. So will do you do mine? And if so when will it be done?
  14. I'll have it maximum by a week