Most Beacons in EMC

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  1. So I was hunting wither skulls today, and thought,"Hey, I wonder who has the most beacons in EMC." It actually might be me, because I have 16 beacons and 1 skull. Proof is here:
    Does anyone have more? Please tell me your opinion!
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  2. Probably. After all, The ingredients to make a beacon are expensive.
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  3. ob1bob69 might.
    After all, he seems to have enough just to give away 9 for a Christmas giveaway.
  4. ice cream cow might?
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  5. How much do you charge for a skull?
  6. 2013-01-01_05.00.49.png
  7. He HAD 20, but now has like 10.
  8. hmmm names that come to mind are Pab10s, ob1bob69, Portalshoo2er, Eclipsys, Southpark347 and you. Who might have large amount of Beacons
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  9. I want in... Where is it XD
  10. nope the most beacon owner is pab10s, hail pab10s lord of teh beacons, :3 one day he spawned 24 wither baws lol that day was so weird we were all like WOOOOW AND WOOOW AND MOAR WOOOWS , and i know he has more lawlz, ;)

    EDIT: i think he is the most beacon owner <_<
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  11. okay, then I'm going to need 8 more beacons. ;)
  12. 8+ its like each three days he has more :eek:
  13. I'll post a picture soon...
  14. i only have 7 atm. 4 at 12004, 2 at 12005, and 1 at 12345, looking for a 8th one also.
  15. Well I know some people sell them, but they would have many more if they didn't I'm sure.
  16. I can get a beacon in about 1/2 hour. it shouldn't be THAT hard...
    And Happy 2013 :)
  17. qwerty can u sell some?
  18. Sorry, I'm not selling.
  19. i have an idea, you should make a bank and put then in a vault then have them on display :p