Mossy Cobble & Ender Pearls.

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  1. Okay, so I have TONS of Ender Pearls and Mossy Cobble. I'd like to sell them (And whatever else you might need, just ask :D) I'm willing to sell Mossy Cobble for 7r a piece or maybe a stack for 325r. And for the Pearls, I'm thinking maybe 5r a piece, and for 16, maybe around 50r. The prices are not set in stone, so if you'd like to negotiate, feel free. I just have several chests full of both items and I know someone could put them to use. Thank you for reading and have a nice day :)

    Oh, Also, I can make a trip to any server if needed, and if you're uncomfortable with that, My res is 8478 on SMP4.
  2. Ill take three stacks of ender pearls. I'll pay and you can set up a chest on your place with my name on it. So.....160r would that be enough.
  3. I would like 4-8 (if you have that) stacks of Mossy cobble
    I am on Smp7 alot so PM me there when you get on and we can set somthing up :)
  4. Well, The Pearls come in individual stacks of 16, that's how the game puts them, so would you like 16 in a stack, or 64?
  5. Great! I'm glad someone is able to buy!
  6. I would like to inquire how much mossy you have remaining? I wish to make a deal to buy as much of it as I can afford
  7. Well, I have 4 1/2 stacks of Mossy left, would you like to purchase it?
  8. I can pay you 1250, unless you would like some more.. :3
  9. Pfft.... Why even ask that? xD How does 1475 sound?
  10. Ya I'll take the 3 stacks for 160 and yes, I did know that they came 16 in a stack
  11. Okay, Sorry, I have to be sure. I have blaze rods as well, if your looking to buy them to make eye of enders.
  12. I could be an ender pearl supplier if you would like.
  13. Ya sure I wouldn't mind having a few more blaze rods as well.
  14. I buy mossy cobble at 4005 SMP2:) Enderpearls are full.