Moss Gate Oupost [Established]

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  1. Neonkillah and Ruari342 are the co-creators and co-owners of the new outpost Moss Gate.
    Moss gate is a very far away outpost on server SMP4. We are a growing group, settling on September 26th, 2014.

    We are now accepting new, respected and devoted members. Try making an application; each response is thoroughly reviewed. Please take the questionnaire seriously.

    Check out our Imgur account! We upload images often to keep players up to date with what we've been constructing.

    While our roots are still small, we are making big ideas for the colony. Here is a small guide:

    There is a council of Ruari342 and neonkillah. As more players join, questions and funding for projects are brought up to the council to be discussed. As the colony expands, the council will gain more members to keep things fair. Council members will be subject to all of the basic commandments. An example:

    A player wishes to start construction of a new residence to extend the boarders. She needs permission and money to do this first, so she sends a private message to the council heads.

    The council members agree to give a small portion of the funds, and grant an area of access for Joanna to build!
    She is offered a pamphlet of minor build regulations to follow, and is paid the reasonable amount of money she asked for.

    We express strong support of retaining the naturalization of the environments, outlining specific areas to obtain particular materials. Creeper holes will be patched up, and trees cut down from forests should be replanted. This will keep your home clean and healthy :)

    While Moss Gate is a non-profit organization, we do ask for donations and small cuts for purchasing necessary supplies for the group only. Moss Gate will not be used as a personal mass production factory for players' malls, but we ask for a one-eight cut of materials that are gathered for small shops.

    There is currently a two-players-per-month plan. As players come in pairs, we try to make players get along with each other by stationing them into a two-player apartment. This will reinforce friendships and keep players more connected to the group by being social :)


    -Complete Mansion
    -Retexture roads
    -Slime Farm
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  2. Check out the imgur its great :D
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  3. That mansions's pretty awesome!
  4. thanks joint effort my idea :p
  5. Nice work =I
  6. neonkillah, did you guys read the thread on how to establish an Outpost? There are some nice guidelines in there that will help you pick a good location. Did you guys add a locked chest in the center of your outpost? Check the area (3000 blocks) for other builds? If those and the other things are good then I suggest starting a PM with a senor staff member to get the ball rolling on establishment. Bigdavie seems to be the Outpost master. Good luck. :)
  7. Yeah we have done all that xD just we got told there's a lot of us waiting to be established
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  8. Added new pictures to the imgur account including pictures of our HQ and soon to be added pictures of our new blaze farm :D
  9. As we are now established we shall soon be picking some new members and will start further farms :D
  10. After weeks of progress, we are proud to say that the thousand block rail has been completed!
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  11. Grats bet it looks awesome .... pic??
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  12. Cool idea with the lamps on the way to the mansion i might look into usin that for an end outpost im workin on.
  13. Can't upload any pics right now, gotta do an essay. But yeah, it's very optimized. Headroom for equine travel, pigman-proof rail. I even made a custom corner part that turns you in circles for half a minute before you continue, if you want to make a pit stop :)
    Currently building a mechanism for the ends of the rail. It will have maybe four cart docks. After a cart enters a dock, a rail will change and you continue to the next dock, filling them up one by one :)
    Also allows you to shoot out of the dock, it's awesome :D
  14. Ill upload some pics :)
  15. Did a "bit" of mossy cobble mining for new houses :D
    Moss mining.png
  16. Added pictures of the first house to imgur in buildings album
  17. Added pictures of the new 2 person apartments to the imgur