Mosquitos! :D

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  1. I have two of those little buggers in my bedroom because somebody (Mum) left the bathroom window open at night. They come out at night and sit on the ceiling above my bed. I like to watch them. Because if I don't, they'll take my blood. And I don't want my blood to be taken.

    They also fly around the room making the highest pitched buzzing sound i've ever heard. And they also make me lose sleep when I can't see them.

    I would like to thank whatever created them for cursing us with these buggers and if there was one species I could wipe out, it would be those arched legged buttmunchers you created. Also, the 2 mosquitos made mini versions of themselves! Like, 6 or 7 of them! :D
    If pixar made a movie about a little mosquito...I would bomb their HQ.

    Also, the ones in my room seem pretty indestructible. I whacked them with a book 3 times in a row and they still lived.

    I wish my axolotls would grow up quickly and I could throw the mosquitos in their tank and they would be well fed. Or I could buy a bearded dragon and give it the run of the house.
    I know this isn't related to EMC or Minecraft at all, but share your thoughts on these freaks below.
  2. Exactly! That's how I feel :p
  3. I'd catch it.
    Kill it.
  4. There is a drought in kansas going on right now so no mosquito's for me! :p
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  5. The UK has no summer! :mad:
  6. I killed one of the babies. It landed in my hand, probably for a drink, and I squeezed its head open.
  7. We don't have them over here, Your seeing something different.
  8. Yesh, we do. They are their own species of mosquito though, and sometimes if there's no food source they will bite humans. They usually feed off birds or rats or mice. Guess what? I don't have a pet rat or mouse or bird. Just a dog and 2 axolotls D:
  9. I hate those things. In northern Wisconsin, if its wet/humid all summer. Those things are beyond TERRIBLE. Almost have to bring gallons of bug spray and a bee suit when we camp just to keep them off you. But lucky for us its been dry mostly this summer.
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  10. I swear you americans are bullying us with your hot summer :p It was hot in February, and then it was rainy all March, and sunny for a week in April, and ever since it's been raining or has been cold. We have been on a 2 day streak of fairly warm and sunny weather though. That will continue on today and tomorrow and the day I go on holiday, the country i'm going to rains! :(
  11. Sorry, it seems we are hogging all the warmth. :D
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  12. Last summer it got pretty hot around here, and everyday was like a fight for your life just trying to keep cool :p

    You'd think with spanish and mexican blood i'd be able to hold off more than regular people :p I'm not black and i'm not white. I'm more of a harlequin colour.
  13. They love me and bite me sooooo much it is rather anoying...
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  14. Slingshot+wine cork= dead mosquito. Don't put a hole in your wall though...
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  15. Oh i went to see my cousins in minneapolis, and i had to mosquito spray EVRY time i left the house.
  16. I hear one of mine right now :p The sound annoys the hell out of me.
  17. There arent any around southern california atm, thank god....
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  18. Little bugger dropped down off my bed onto my keyboard like 'ohi'.
  19. Whoever said they were in a drought I beg to differ. Omaha Nebraska had .01 of an inch of rain in July. Apparently that was dryier than the Dust Bowl. It was 105+ for a week and a half D: