More Useful Res Flags

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  1. Short Story: While rambling at 4:25am with Tiki902 about a way for redstone to write to a book and read from a book. Which would allow the redstone to essentially setup a "one time use" redstone circuit. Now from a programming stance this would be difficult to do, (At least for me). But Tiki902 was listening to my ramblings and I came up with some new flags that would be amazing to add to the residences.

    The Flags and Descriptions:
    "Sign:timeout" - Can be set between 0 and 1000ms. What this does is help prevent spam buying/selling to a shop. Ex: /res set sign:timeout 500

    "Sign:MaxSell" - Would be set for a rupee amount per 24 hours. This would prevent those who bulk sell from abusing a shop. Ex: /res set sign:maxsell 1500

    "Sign:MaxBuy" - Works in a similar way to "MaxSell". Ex: /res set sign:maxbuy 2000

    "Sign:MaxTransactions" - Would accept 2 Parameters such as buy/sell and a number of transactions allowed by this user in a 24 hour period. Ex: /res set sign:maxtransactions buy 30

    "Redstone:usage" - Can be set between -1 and 10. What it would do is essentially allow the redstone item, assuming its activated via a button, to be ran between -1 (infinite) and 10 times max. (These numbers can be tweaked, this may also need some more discussion and refinement). Ex: /res set redstone:usage 5

    More Flags will be added as idea's come to mind.
  2. great idea +1
  3. Thanks, I am a huge purchaser and seller on smp1 and many people whine about purchases. So i figured this would be an opportunity to help solve that issue.
  4. I agree with this idea.