More Time-outs on smp2

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by VoxelRay, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. I have the last days/week much more time-outs.
    You watch a short youtube minecraft video as example waiting for day.
    You look at your minecraft screen again. "time-out"

    Something changed ?
  2. Try restarting your jar, its probably mojang side.
  3. Are you sure ? tonight i keep getting time-outs and disconnects. not seen so much problems normally.
    The time-outs really bring me in problems and make damage to surrounding area or buildings.

    After login, BOOM ! creeper.

    edit-1: A existing connection was forcible closed by remote connection. this evening is terrible. just when i need todo big things.

    edit-2: Chest respond bad to, most a sign for time-out
  4. This is a player or Mojang problem, not emc.
  5. Then its mojang problem. but still on 1.7.9. and sometimes the world is not loading to. lots of time-outs and other problems tonight. this problem i now have seen happend on water to. not funny you start at soem Y hight and slowly sinking. and then there's time-out. after a few tries its fine. Loggin in is sometimes after time-outs or other weirdnessetc. hard to.

    Anyway, searching further. for the problem. hardware can always break to.
  6. I second this, getting tons of them today, couldn't even connect anymore.
  7. On the same boat now, connect is pretty hard or impossible.
    Seems to work now. ONly question for how long.