More things to spend rupees on

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by d1223m, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. I'm getting reasonably rich.. and there isnt much to with rupees except get more rich...
    Could we get some more things to spend rupees on? Some ideas:
    • hidden on the livemap for N amount of rupees per week/day
    • renting extra lots
    • renting land in the wilderness that would then have the same rules as a lot in town which would facilitate making wilderness shops/railways(!)
    • locked chests in the wild woop thats been done! ;)
  2. You can already hide on the livemap if you upgrade to iron supporter. And if you upgrade to gold you can also have an extra lot.
    But I don't see these thing being purchasable by rupees any time soon, as many people already pay real money for it, and the server survives on real money and not rupees.
  3. I agree with legacy
  4. ok - well i dont disagree - but how about some ideas?
  5. How about teleport from anywhere in the wild for 5000r. But can only be activate once per day. (In case of emergency.)
    Or teleport to anywhere in wild using coord for 5000r with condition of once per day only. and must wait 60sec to activate. and must not move while waiting. (with the maximum range of 15000 circular radius from main wilderness spawn. And can only be teleport from a specific point in town. like a warp gate of some sort)

    Credit : All idea inspired by the Protoss tech :D