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  1. i am bias in this situation so be forewarned

    why the heck does smp6 keep ending up set at primetime as the default server? this has killed a huge amount of regulars who went just a day or two over the derelict i get that other servers are getting filled but i know they have just as many derelicts as smp6. to date 14 people i know who still wanted to play have been reclaimed by system and they were excellent reses. its killing that server turning it into the variable smp where the green noob farms dominate the landscape. all around me this is the case except for lilgamer just look at the livemap at the devastation system has wrought on completed residences. i know i have always championed behind the ability to claim unused residences but when your server is routinely the one set to default during prime time its very hard without derelict protection or supporter to keep a good looking landscape. smp6 does not need to attract players anymore in bulk we have something to attract them pvp draws people in from everywhere. please set some kind of variable to keep us off the radar long enough for some newbies atleast to finish their wood fortresses.

  2. Smp7 is the same way, I think at least. I know at least 4 people that still wanted to play but the res's were force claimed by new players that only lasted a few days. There must be a way so that new players only force claim residences that have less blocks or something.

    I know most of you will say that they can vote to keep the residence but if they don't have time to check in on Emc then they won't have time to vote either.

    /rant add
  3. If they really still wanted to play, couldn't they have just done any of the following?:

    Voted once in a 30 day period
    Signed in and out a single time in that 30 day period
    Had a friend vote for them once in that 30 day period
    Bought a Permanent Derelict Protection Voucher either from a player or the support page
    PMed a community manager to explain a leave of absence

    It just sounds to me like the real issue you're 'ranting' about is that the "regular" players were just a day or two over the derelict policy limit. How often can someone get on every 32 days, but not every 30?

    However, for unrelated reasons, it would be good to have different servers the default at different times each day. That is unless you're trying to spread out the peak times for each server...
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  4. I don't understand how being the default server at any particular time is going to help. It is not like someone is going without logging in for 30 days then at 8pm the next day deciding they want to play.

    I personally think the graduated Derelict policy is confusing for new people. Most seem to assume it is 30 days and are probably discouraged when they get grounded for a week and their starter stuff is gone. When you are first starting out just getting the basics can be hard and having to restart is discouraging. I think 30 days is great but it should be so for everyone.

    For people who don't want to vote but want Derelict protection extended beyond 30 days, what about paying Rupees? Something close to what you could get for voting on a couple sites a day seems fair. Beginning players won't tend to have the funds built up to save a plot, whereas older players will have more funds as well as things they want to try and hang onto.

    Someone who isn't playing much but wants their stuff preserved in case they will come back in six months can dump their Rupees into a fund that starts to draw down after 30 days. If they come back they can recover whatever's left and start playing again where they left off.

    We could also use voting to give accumulated Derelict protection. Someone who has voted often and steadily has shown loyalty to EMC with their investment of time and could be rewarded with something like this rather than(or in addition to) Rupees and items.
  5. The trouble is, too, that if any of Mojang's EULA sticks after the Microsoft buyout, protection from the derelict policy is one of the few significant perks that EMC is still allowed to sell for actual money. If they make this purchasable directly from EMC with rupees, that cuts into their paychecks. I'm sure many, many supporters do it just for such perks.

    They could place an emphasis on storing the actual stuff in your vault.
  6. I think the Vouchers were for permanent protection and that may never be implemented now. I can already get temporary protection for free by voting once every few weeks so I don't really see how it would hurt to let someone pay Rupees for the same thing. I was mainly suggesting it as a way to allow the older players who have built up a lot of assets to keep them during an extended leave.
  7. From cleaning ships to cleaning threads, I ask that everyone stays on board with the topic.
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  8. yeh - one of my reses went derelict so I was like "okay - i'll re-claim it ..."

    it auto unclaimed and a new player got it....

    had to wait 5 days... was about to claim it then... was literally maybe 3 minutes or so after it went derelict... and it auto gave it to someone else 'again' ....

    had to wait an additional 5 days before i was finally able to claim it...

    I think that derelict reses should honestly be given a 'grace' period (maybe a day at the most) to allow people to manually claim them after it's derelict before the system auto gives it to a new person

    (at least that's my opinion)
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  9. oh look, peak hours once again and who is default? smp6 WONDERFUL
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  10. idk mang - smp2 has been getting non-stop new players today... i think 2 is still default :p
  11. wasnt when i posted
  12. The default system is dependent on the number of open residences. If there are more open residences/derelict residences on a server than any other, it switches to that server. It is just coincidence that this happens at what you see as the same time every day. While I understand your frustration, the default server does change regularly to spread out the new players and allow everyone the ability to claim a residence without too much hassle.
  13. I actually put in a change yesterday to this...

    System will now give Veteran players, those who have been here for 1yr+, up to 90 days before system will unclaim their residence.

    HOWEVER: That 90 days does not apply to force claim! So if a player is derelict and another player wants that residence, then it still can be grabbed, but I might be willing to give veterans 45 days for force claim.

    This will help keep the older res's around longer.
  14. I think that 45 days would be an excellent compromise.
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