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  1. First of all, I realized that instead of going on HTML forum websites for help, I go on here, instead. I think this is because many of you know me, so I won't feel out of place. Just a thought I had before posting this. :)

    Now for the actual thread.

    I run a Let's Play website (we currently have 8 members and are looking for 2 more) where everyone has their own page and whatever. Now, instead of the other 7 members just telling me what to put on their pages, I want them to do it themselves by editing the HTML markup of their page. My question is this: Is there a way to allow each member to edit all pages in their subdirectory (and create/upload files and create subdirectories if they need to) instead of using the master FTP account and have access to everyone's account? My host has an option to create subdirectory-specific accounts, but is limited to two accounts only (that would leave 5 members without access to their subdirectory).

    TL;DR: Is there a way to allow people I choose to edit files under certain subdirectories on my website?
  2. You can use something like wordpress and that'll do the job. But with plain HTML, and no FTP or control panel access, it's not possible. It's possible with PHP but very complex, and wordpress is exactly what you'd do, just written for you :p
  3. Isn't WordPress a blog host or something? :p
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  5. First off, I'm following the directions here. Is that okay to use?

    Here's a screenshot of the MySQL user I just created and named [username]
  6. I think that was meant as a reply to mba because it concerns wordpress.
    Also you should not post screenshots and such information publically as hackers easily might find this via google and break in your server.
  7. Oops, sorry. :oops:
    There's no passwords or IP addresses anywhere, and you need to log in to access that page. Either way, I have a backup of the file system locally saved, so I can just terminate the site and restore it.

    Would anyone else care to take a stab at it? Or maybe help me with what to do with MySQL? :mad: