More Guest's Than Members Online?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nfell2009, Dec 20, 2012.

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    Why are there more guest's then members online?

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  2. Just people browsing the forums without being logged in. :)
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  3. Well they need to login or sign up. They are missing out! I can enrich their lives with my post's (I never spam :rolleyes:)

    And you seem really active shaun I dont think I have seen you comment on this many threads ;)
  4. Had a productive day, i'll make up for it sometime. :p
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  5. With no job there is not much else to do.
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  6. There is often more guests than members online on the EMC site... That's because guests include members not logged in, bots, not closing the page on multiple devices etc.
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  7. Now you can stay on for hours and talk to me! :D

    No school for me now until next year! :)
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  8. And people checking out before joining.
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  9. Google send like 2o bots to every website, they spammed mine xD
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  10. Yeah and they somehow make their own Google Bot account... WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!!
  11. Me neither not until January 2013!!! :D
  12. I have only done Monday because:
    Tuesday - Fellyboy was too bad to be left alone I stayed home and looked after him
    Wednesday - I felt really ill so I stayed hom
    Thursday (Today) - I'm still ill so staying home
    Friday - I got this day off last week, because my form tutor decided for the last day before Christmas were going to be bored to death in form :/ for 6 HOURS!!
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  13. That's quite a schedule yous have there... It would be a shame if something were to happen to it :p
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  14. I've saved it onto 20 different cloud thingy's and my school documents, my school's online website, and my other computers and laptops.... Trying creepering them!
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  15. Okay fine be that way, it's Tekkit explosives time!!!
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  16. The voting is working! Yeah.
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  17. Oh goodie more people!

    Screenshot 2012-12-20 at 1.26.11 PM.png
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  18. Monday: In school.
    Tuesday: in school
    Wednesday: I was too sick to go into school.
    Thursday (today): Too sick to go into school again.
    Friday: I have to go into school tomorrow because I'll just be watching films all day... And then I'm off until jan. 6th.
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  19. There's a bug going round :(
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  20. Monday: No school
    Tuesday: No school got bored
    Wednesday: Played Tekkit
    Thursday (today): Went to sligro (sort of a big costco like store in the Netherlands)
    Friday: No school :D
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