More free rupee giveaways!

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  1. Lots of people have been asking for more rupee giveaways. Yesterday I noticed our Twitter followers and Facebook likes were pretty low. So I have decided we will do some random free rupee giveaways on our Twitter and Facebook page. So be sure to like and follow!

    I have create an area in the rupees section where it is easy to do this:
  2. Yes More Ways To Earn Rupees I Hope Everyone Takes Advantage Of This Great Idea
  3. :( no facebook for me
  4. Don't worry facebook is just auto posted from twitter, so they will have the same stuff.
  5. I got both! = epic win = more RUPEES 4 ME! :D
  6. Well, I think this is a great way to get people to like the server and to get more members, but for the members that have already been on that don't have either, they should still have some way to get a rupee bonus every once in a while. That is my opionion and i hope it is taken in to consideration.
  7. do u hav to hav facebook or twitter?
  8. We have these.

    Also, we did a Christmas and New Years one as well.
  9. I will sign up for twitter :D :D

    (I liked ur link with facebook too)
  10. I liked it! You should also add a 1+ for Google users :D
  11. You don't have to do both, Facebook and Twitter will have the same info I was just giving two options :)
  12. hmmm notice how everyone ignores my picture of justin ._. lol
  13. Yes that is me Skilled ;) I dont use twitter that much on my personal account.
  14. DO U NEED TWITTER OR FACEBOOK? anyone like my avatar?
  15. Yes you need one of them to be able to get some rupees from this " update ".
  16. dang... is there a comunity password/account? XD (but seriously...)
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  17. These make a lot of sense... it could help to quell the frustrations of members that are unable to donate and feel that they have no recourse to make up what they see as their rupee deficiencies.
  18. Well, that makes sence, plus, i just made a hole bunch of referal adds!