Moose on the loose!

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  1. Wasn't expecting to be kicking around near my house on the Eastern plains of Colorado and see this big guy... IMG_170473094409107.jpg
    Colorado Division of Wildlife says he actually has some cows with him and they're likely to just stay around the area. An awesome way to end the day yesterday. Going back to try & get more pics this afternoon.
  2. Here are a few more pics of our country moose
    37043_565496626833494_1628009276_n.jpg 1374177_565496640166826_369669474_n.jpg 1377484_565496623500161_1617200921_n.jpg 1391637_565496663500157_118348494_n.jpg moose2.jpg
  3. Those pictures are beautiful!
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  4. I clicked on this thread because I thought you were talking about Ignoramoose....

    fail on my part...
  5. It's always about you isn't it. :p
  6. That's what I was thinking!
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  7.'s about moose! ;)
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  8. Where do you live again? *Loads hunting rifle*
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  9. So, it seems you didn't ignore-a-moose, eh?
    (Oh, doesn't seem as funny now krysyy's posted....:oops:)
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