Monumentus Clock?

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  1. How much do you guys price the Monuments clock at this clock can be redeemed to clear your 64 by 64 plot of all dirt. P.S not selling it just wondering a price so i have an idea because I don't know what it is worth.
  2. It's called a Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock, and is worth 50-60k.
  3. 60k
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  4. Exactly 60k.
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  5. Here is the Wiki page for the item. It's a Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock.

    The item is available as a miniboss drop, but is also purchasable from any senior staff or admin for 60k.

    Also, residences are 60x60, not 64x64.
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  6. ok
    ok ty for the help and i always thought it was 64x64