[Monthly Event] Scavenger hunt!

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  1. The contest is over! The winner is: Eklektoi!

    Hello everyone! I'll start this by saying that i have wanted to do something like this for a while, but recently got the push to do it. This will be a monthly contest, in the wild, with hints, follow the hints to win a prize! It is that simple! This first one for the month of February is very small, having only 3/4 hints. I'm starting this small because i do not know if anyone will even try =/. But anyway, let us began! The winner will receive:

    29 emeralds
    A full set of Chain Armor
    16 Diamonds
    Silk touch Shears
    And this:
    And the first hint:
    On smp3, the wild i am, the first hint is east from spawn. Happy hunting!

    Thanks to: Icecreamcow for letting me do this and to yankees518, for not telling me i was crazy =P

    Have Fun! If you win you will find further instructions on getting your signature =) EDIT: You will want the basics for exploring the wild, and dirt =)
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  2. I going to try this
  3. I know that this being the first one of my events is super super easy, but out of fear that nobody would even try, i did not want to go very far out, to have my stuff rot in a chest =/ Expect next month to be more of a challenge :)
  4. Ill be doing this!
  5. Next one?
  6. If you are asking for the hints, the first one is given here, following that one you should find a sign with the second, then the fourth, Etc. Has no one found it yet? Wow i did better than i thought =P
  7. Ok I just heard someone found it! :(
  8. I found the 1st and the 3rd hint , than elektoi said: ''found it''
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  9. Elektoi found it I think.

  10. Found it about 20 blocks from a cobble pillar in the water, at the end of a sand tunnel thing - in front of circle stone :3
  11. I was like: im SO gonna find this! Bobthetomato:Elektoi found it. And then I was like: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
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  12. Congratulations! Now for my secret, you also win a EMC vault voucher! You can give me a access sign at your res for a drop off. Thanks to everyone that tried! I'm already excited for next months contest! Thanks!
  13. The second was in the river lol That was the best hidden =)
  14. I found the river one got stumped after that.
  15. It was on the back of a sand mountain facing where the chest was hidden =) I want to say again thanks to everyone that competed! Next months will be harder and have some more riddles and may require digging =)
  16. :eek:There was a sand hill RIGHT behind me!
  17. I think this is a graet idea and makes lot of fun. it was the first time after like 2 month I was on another server in the wild than my home server :D . but cann't some player break the signs, so other cann't find the hint? this round was fair and all played well. next time I bring some amor, I died 2 times :) will it allwasy be on smp3 or do the event change the location?
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  18. Hrm. I remember seeing the stuff in a chest, but I have no remembrance of you ever telling me about this. I guess the flu does that to a person ._.
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  19. You should make this weekly.
  20. It will be on a different server each time, at a different location, possibly even using a outpost. If you notice a player breaking a sign during one of the events let me know, and include the exact location (by use of coordinates) and i will make sure the sign is still there. I also plan on doing some for each timezone so everyone can have fun! =)
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