Monster spawners in shop someone who can change shop look here

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Monster spawners in shop

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Yes 5 vote(s) 17.9%
No 23 vote(s) 82.1%
  1. Should they add monster spawners be added in shop
  2. And there went the enchantment market.
  3. Not going to happen sorry, like legit said we have quite a big enchantment market and allowing to grind on your res would just destroy, plus it's not really a 'survival' item.
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  4. The emc shop is only for items you can get naturally in vanilla.
  5. I'm actually kind of interested in this idea...
    Of course, there would need to be a way to keep the enchantment market up high, along side this.
  6. Not exactly true... In Vanilla, we can't get spawn eggs in survival...
    Then again, we are "French" Vanilla, but, I think it is more of like Grand Vanilla, or moose tracks :p
  7. What if they were in the shop, but it's 1,000,000,000,000 rupees for a chicken spawner?
  8. More like a reasonable price, 1 million rupees for animal spawners, 2 million for zombie/skeleton/spider/cave spider spawners, 2.5 million rupees for creeper/blaze/enderman spawners.
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  9. no one even said anything about town being peaceful only? lol, spawners would be pointless...

    what is so hard about going out in the wild, finding on yourself and using it there... like its intended to be.
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  10. If it was a "reasonable price" then the empire shop would be above regular price by about 2,600 %. If 1000000 was reasonable, empire shop would charge 2,600,000.
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  11. Wasn't it obvious I was joking?
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  12. admin u put buy op her shop 4909rubee we buy op pls 4909 we buy op in shop pls admin
  13. ... what?
  14. Wasn't it obvious I was joking?
  15. ...what?

    And this isn't much of a viable option.

    Person buys spawner
    He places in wild
    Someone comes to the wild
    Finds the spawner
    Thinks it's part of a dungeon
    Destroys it
    Both sides lose out
    The End.
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  16. not to mention worthless? there are millions IN the wild... for FREE.... lol

    then you'll get the babies who have that happen... and they throw a livid fit that someone destroyed their spawner.. people do that now with FREE ones... that would do nothing but cause a nightmare.
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  17. Well I was kinda bored, and thought I could be funny but I guess nobody got the joke =P
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  18. The ironic part is, I like joking a lot and I have a hard time telling a joke from something serious.
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  19. lol, all i got from that is you were pretending to be other annoying losers who can't type and inhabit other servers. lol
  20. Thank you :D
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