Monster problem

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  1. Hello,

    I am building something in the frontier wild. Because of the high amount of monsters i have in my area i can only work in daylight. Is there anything i can do to keep them away so i can go work in the night to?
  2. Kill them.
  3. But won't they come back the next night, or respawn again?
  4. Light up the area around you? Build a fence?
  5. Most of the area is being lighted with torches. Not yet build a fence, but its a realy big area.
  6. Well you must not have lit the area up well enough if there are a lot of mobs spawning.
  7. gm_construct0001.jpg

    Use your debug screen to look for dark spots. I usually light up an area that shows block light of 9 or less.
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  8. Plant Jack o Lanterns or Glowstone into the ground if that helps. You should build a fence though :p