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Do you want a Mob pet?

Yes, please! 3 vote(s) 50.0%
No 3 vote(s) 50.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Sick and tired of pet cats and dogs? I can make a pet spider/creeper/skeleton/zombies/slime for you! These are the prices!

    -2100r for skeleton ( if you want 2 0r more, double price)
    -1600r for zombies
    -2500 for creepers
    -2900 for spiders (reason why so big rupees is bcuz spiders are hard to trap, but I can catch them!)
    -2650 for slimes

    (Ghast are sometimes hard to catch but there possible!) -3900
    -2430 for zombie pigmen
    -3050 for blaze ( hard to find, you need to find whrer thay spawn :(

    Everything for utopia is +1500
    Also for every 1000 blocks I travel, the fee is 700.

    Not responsibe for griefers, getting killed by pet and killed pet.

    Pm me for what you want!
  2. Mistakes
    blazes are 2780
    slimes are 2201
  3. Impossible. Hostile monsters despawn.
  4. Isnt impossible! I did it on my single palyer and didnt die or despawn
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  5. Yeah but single player is completely different to Empire.
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  6. On SSP, yes its possible, only if you stay close to the monsters (128 block range). However, this is SMP, hostile monsters, ocelots and squids despawn once nobody is in the 128 block range of them.
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  7. Well then no travel fee. Must be at least 128 blocks near spawn. But....
  8. Hmm... Cool idea; but unless someone stays online in a wild outpost 24/7. I don't know that this would work... Very Good idea in theory...
  9. okay I understand. Imma close up thread