Monster Can

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  1. Hi Guys, here I am with another one of my wool creations. This has been by far the fastest project I have done, it took just under a day to complete :)

    Here are the photos in an album for you all :)

    If you would like to see it, it is res 8011, smp4 :)

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  2. Posted a pic in the thread (for those people who are too lazy to click the imgur link :p)
  3. soooo much black wool XD
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  4. I wonder where I got it from :p
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  5. This is awesome, great job!
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  6. Nice :) Energy back.
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  7. I saw that on the map the other day. I thought it was pretty cool as I follow a lot of events and racers Monster sponsors. AMA Supercross and Motocross.
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  8. Thanks man :)
    It was the biggest can of monster I ever drank :p jk
    Yea me too! It is one of my favourite energy drinks (You could probably tell):)
  9. Hmm what I could do if I could drink all of that... hmm I could see Justin... Meet Crazy or even meet shaunwhite lol xD and make it back in less then a day xD
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  10. Haha crazy lives in alaska, so remember to take some warm clothes :)
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  11. with all that caffeine running through skilled, the snow would just melt around him as he walked.
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  12. agreed xD
  13. We could all hope to meet Shaun White one day, talented little guy he is. :)
  14. You
    little? Lol how tall are you? Im 5 foot 9 inches
  15. lol, i am 6"2
    i think the other Shaun White is a shorty though :)
  16. Dang lol I'm almost as tall as u
  17. im 1.8m, I dunno I many feet that is :p
  18. OH shi!.... this one was yours?

    wow, just wow

    /picks up fallen jaw
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  19. Hahaha, glad you like it :)