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  1. The job is now closed, but new jobs coming soon, sorry

    I have built a chicken farm on smp1, 1733. Unfortunately, when someone is not in a chunk, everything in it freezes, so chickens will not grow up, or lay eggs. What my job offer is, is to just afk or stand and talk on a pressure plate. This will keep the chunk loaded, and the chickens will grow up, and lay eggs. The system I've made is smart, but has its drawbacks. I do not know everyone on EMC, and therefore, I have to take precautions that I am not being cheated. If you leave the pressureplate even once, the light will turn off, and will not turn back on, then you will not get any money. Otherwise you could just leave, and come back before I do. I'm paying 1 rupee a minute, to AFK there. If you would like the job, PM me in-game, my username is Lieflander.
  2. I'll do it :D
  3. I will do it!
  4. me too
  5. I had someone do something similar last night as I began the construction of my ice house.
  6. make the pressure plate stone so they can not throw dirt on it and still leave
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  7. I'll do it for free.
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  8. nice idea... but that would be 1 more person that would cause lag by just being on.
  9. That's great that all of you are willing to do it! Since it only needs to be one person there, whenever one of you is able to, check if I'm online, with /p Lieflander. Special thanks Biscuitboy5396, if you do it for free. I look foreward to working with all of you. BTW, I'm also thinking of renting out the collection room, so that for an amount of money, you could use it, and collect as many eggs as you like, however, I'm not sure how I could time it, as one person using it the entire time would not be good. Any suggestions? :)
  10. at 12535 on smp6 there is a public egg farm that drops 2 eggs a second! :D
  11. Come on now Jeanz, you know I'm the pro AFK-er.
  12. I'll do it I have multiple accounts so I could be playing around in this one and AFKing in my other one ;)
  13. if you can just throw dirt on it to hold it down, why don't you just do that? Sounds easier and cheeper
  14. Hang on I just realized if you need the pressure plate to power something why not just place down a redstone torch then it will stay activated forever...
  15. Yeah that too... Except he would have to stay on all the time regardless to keep dropping the dirt on it as it despawns every 5 minutes. He could however build a redstone clock the launches a piece of dirt from a dispenser every 3-5 minutes.
  16. The pressure plate is to power a light that proves you've been there the whole time. He said if you step off of it, the light goes off and won't come back on.
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  17. Lol, this idea ia evolutionary. :3
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  18. That would be pointless, the whole reason I wanted you guys to AFK there is not to power something, I could use a torch, it's to keep the chunk loaded, because (to save processing space) when you leave an area, it freezes, so if someone is not in my residence, the chickens stop growing up and laying eggs, placing dirt wouldn't do anything. The pressure plate system is designed to keep people in my residence, otherwise they could just leave, then come back before I do. I regret to inform you all, though, that the job is no longer open. I have found a public egg farm, thanks to the suggestion of Daffy22, but don't worry, I will have a new job soon, I'm a very needy person.;)I look foreward to hiring you in the future. As a result of all your (hard) work,:p I have lots of eggs. If you need eggs, come to 1733, smp1.
    Best regards,
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  19. Ahh yes I kinda realized that after I had posted sorry bought that...
  20. Aha so he built a system that shows him I did not know that thanks for this!