Monday Night Jeopardy! On SMP2

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    Every Monday night at 9:30 pm (EST) on SMP2 I will be hosting a Monday night Jeopardy Cash Prizes in Increasing Order will be awarded through out the night. Hopefully Cash prizes this week will Exceed 10k (hopefully 2 prizes of 10k) for answering common knowledge questions.

    Last week's topic was EMC HISTORY and some cash prizes were sponsored by runningrhino*Special thanks*

    Next week's (7/28/14) topic is BREAKING NEWS in respect to the holidays. Good luck everyone and can't wait to see you on SMP2 on Monday night. :D
  2. *Note* After All SSRC Jepordy nights i will take in any donations for a canadian themed question what ever is the theme of the jeopardy night is the theme of the canadian question ;)
    • Jeopardy will be held at 3767 on SMP2. PLEASE USE RES CHAT! Type /ch r we want to keep this event as legal as possible.

    In addition, There will be two cash Prizes of 10k this week WOOT! So Brush up your knowledge on American History because Jeopardy is tonight at 9:30 pm EST that's about 2am in England and 12pm in Australia.
  4. w00t! an event that is during the week and not weekend! (Stupid word...) I'll be there!
  5. Event is in an hour, Now would be the time to brush up on your American History :p
  6. No hard feelings, but if you're wanting the most basic answers for some questions, such as "1812" for the question, "When did the war of 1812 start?", you should say that in some rules. I gave the specific date, yet someone else won for just putting the year.

    Again, no hard feelings. I had fun :)
  7. sorry for that lol anyways next weeks topic is, Breaking news
  8. It may be slightly (just slightly) weird that I have watched jeopardy on TV ever since I was around 4 years old...but finally all those years of Jeopardy will have a purpose! Ill try to make it :)
    EDIT: Cant make it tonight...on vacation but hope everyone else has fun!
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  9. ok, I might be bring down the time next time to like 6:30pm EMC time
  10. Btw windy, it is sunday :p
  11. lol I can't believe I went on yesterday and was like "I have to get ready ark," "windy..... It's sunday" "*facepalm*
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  12. Monday night Jeopardy is TONIGHT at 9:30 PM EMC time on smp2 at 3767, the topic is Breaking news, so read your news articles EMC.
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