Momentus sucking you in underground?

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  1. Anyone have any experience with this?

    I was walking in the Frontier and I saw a name in the distance, a name like you see on a player or horse so I walked closer. I've never actually seen a Momentus before but as I got closer that's what it was... a Momentus with just the very top of it's head poking up one block above the sand ground. Then it "drew my closer" which was underground stuck in some cobble or something, not sure because it's pitch black and I start to suffocate.

    Any ideas how to get out of this? I logged off after losing like 4 hearts. I figure if I log off long enough for them to despawn maybe I can use my pick to break whatever blocks around me to keep from suffocating but no guarantee that will work.


  2. if anyone wants to come kill this momentus, it is in the ground somewhere in this general area where i knew i was walking. that is the south spawn in the Frontier on SMP9 in the picture.
  3. yay chickeneer saved me but the momentus is still stuck underground so don't go near it. if you feel like looking at it's head sticking out though you can see where i'm at on the live map.
  4. OK, this issue is dealt with. Momentus is officially gone!
    Hisack55 and I came, we saw, and we conquered!
    8 diamonds, 2 zombie heads, 6 zombie virus, 6 shiny flesh!
    There is a hole where it used to be.
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  5. thanks :) that'll teach it to drag me underground again!
  6. Lol, it dragged us under tons also. Thanks for the heads up that it was in some sand, as we were sure to bring beds with us. I think it suffocated too much and we had no chance of a rare drop. Still, was fun!