Momentus... not as hard as he looks when you use a good strategy

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  1. Momentus looks big, and vicious. I killed my first Momentus today, actually. And I must say, the only time I was injured was when a spider bit me. No doubt many of you have figured out how to kill Momentus, but for those who haven't here it is:

    A friend told me that he had spotted a giant zombie. I rushed back to the wasteland spawn, went to my res, geared up, and joined him. We went off and spotted Momentus in the distance. We pulled out our bows and started firing. I personally emptied a stack of arrows into his cold dead heart, and then borrowed some more from my friend, who was firing at the zombies that Momentus had summoned. During the battle, my friend left, but I simply finished off the giant with more arrows. The moral of the story: don't try to go and slash at Momentus with your sword. Take out a bow and let 'er rip.
  2. Momentus pulls you in. There's actually a better way to do it, and it has something to do with the zombies he spawns... ;)
  3. I think he just teleports you to him and destroys you
  4. The zombies he spawns are enraged, right? They are on fire, and currently I guess they are glitched so that they damage themselves with the fire.. Right? So couldn't you lure the zombies into momentus to set him on fire..? And kill him..
  5. Well, I think that we were far enough away (or else he was glitched) that neither he or the zombies could see us. We just pelted him with arrows. :p
  6. Pretty sure he only acts on you if you're in a ~34 block radius.
  7. We were definitely further away then that. :)
  8. Long distance Arrows are not the intended way to fight him and is subject to being 'fixed' ;)
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  9. Something like a projectile protection 127 dirt put onto the chest piece slot with 0% chance to drop?

    Or are just long range arrows bad?
  10. Lol. I was kind of guessing that from reading the experiences of others, but when the opportunity arose... :p
  11. Me and Aking707 found one 2 days ago, killed aking707 XD but i killed the giant zombie then got aking707's stuff back :) P.S. We just ran straight at him :D
  12. Down a zombie virus and slash away with a smite5 sword.
    You can't really miss, and the zombie virus lasts more than long enough to kill it.
  13. Or.... just trap the momentus in a hole and skill it... No damage even when he draws you in....
  14. How do you trap it?
  15. Very first time I saw Momentus, I was scared. So I went charging in with my sword, just to get close enough to see what it was. I actually got close enough to see the name Momentus, but then it pulled me in and killed me. Luckily I did the same thing like you, me and my friend got our bows and took it down. It took a while, but it was fun. (We got nothing that special though, 1 zombie head and a few pieces of shiny flesh. :()
  16. I didn't get a head, but I got tons of shiny flesh. What does shiny flesh even do?
  17. I don't know, so besides the zombie head, taking down Momentus was a waste of time. Special rotten flesh, maybe?
  18. I suggest defeating Momentus with an infinity bow so you won't waste a lot of arrows. I used an infinity bow, and I still have that bow, and it definitely needs repairing.

    So take down Momentus with an unbreaking infinity flame power bow, like I did. lol :p
  19. Eating shiny flesh will give you:
    Regen IV
  20. It gives you special effects. Plus, it sparkles and shines and looks so beautiful... :eek:
    And what he said.