Momentus is Afraid?

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Has anyone else had all of the special mobs spawn on them in the prior three days?

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Yes! 12 vote(s) 60.0%
No... 8 vote(s) 40.0%
  1. I was effectively on my own mining for diamonds. When I get that creepy text that goes over the middle of the screen: The ground shakes nearby... I admittedly was quite scared. I have faced off against one before, and well... I killed him... After dying about 20 times... No real significant loot though... However, this time I must've scared Momentus even more than he scared me, for he suicided before I was even able to find him! I have never seen this happen before. I must be quite intimidating in my voter's armour with a voter's sword, OOOOO, so scary! I guess the saying is true: It takes one to be one. Wait... No, I meant: They are always more afraid of you then you are of them! That is how it goes!

    Edit: I had a Blizzard spawn on me just in making this post... I seem to be hunted by these special mobs...
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  2. He probably just dropped into lava (he's not fire resistant)

    EDIT: or suffocated in a wall, tree, etc. That happens a LOT with momenti
  3. Huh... Either way, I have been hunted by all of the special creatures a lot as of late...
  4. LUCKY he probably died of lava or suffication judged on your location
  5. I am betting suffocation... I was underground in an extreme hills biome...
  6. it saw, you, and thought it was Super Zombie, so jumped down, and died... :p
  7. What's a super zombie?
    Edit-Nananananananannanana SUPER ZOMBIE! :D
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  8. Hahaha, well... I think the game was upset that that one died... So... I have another one that spawned on me... Not even 10 minutes into the game...

    And yes, I went out killed an enraged skeleton and went back in after seeing this:

    I think he seeks revenge... What shall I do? Go on a murderous rampage in hopes of defeating it with a measely voter's armour and Protection IV Unbreaking III pants and a voter's iron sword? Or do you think it will simply go on to murder me more times than anyone could bare? (like the last two Marlix I have dealt with... Separated only by one day in my encounters with them...) Ore, should I just go after the Blizzard that keeps annoying me with his constant reminder at where he is, and then go back to mining?
    I really do feel picked on by these silly little mobs (giant mobs, too). They have not wanted to leave me alone AT ALL! I have probably had more special mobs spawn on me in the past 7 days than all of my EMC career!?!?!?!
    EDIT: Another Blizzard just spawned on me... After I started attacking the first one...
  9. Where are you? I would love your curse.
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  10. I sadly am really far out. In a private sector I do not want disclosed. I will say though... That the two Marlixes I got were both awful! I HATE those flying death monsters!?!?!?! I bet now that I said that, more will spawn on me... I think this all started when I looked up the wiki page on Marlix, then Momentus and all the other special mobs... Just be warned... This curse isn't as fun as it seems! I just want to mine and build at the moment... That is ALL!

    Edit: New challenge to all! Try to kill everything for a week with just an iron voter's sword.
  11. Just finished it I killed a turkey about 2 minuits ago
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  12. lol levyhalmen, you can simply type /ps, and turn your mini-boss spawns off :p that way none can spawn near u if you don't want them to, and when you do want them to, you can turn it back on again :)
  13. Same thing happened with me but the Momentus died cause he drowned before I could reach him. He did drop some shiny stone fragments though which was cool.
  14. I would forget that though... So, I would go out hunting and find it strange that none have spawned and worry, but if it is on, yeah, I got this super strange series of events with unusual mobs spawning on me like crazy, but I know I can avoid them if I want. It is just really odd that I have battled all of the special mobs the last 7 days.

    I had him spawn on me twice, though... The first one was so afraid of me it killed itself. The second one... Well... I am kind of afraid of attacking it... It is an intimidating monster to go after... (But one thousand times better to deal with than the stupid Marlix! I have had to deal with 2, and I hate them!)
  15. (*wimpily) Hehehehe... (*sarcastic) I just had a wonderful thing happen!

    I just feel cursed... This is really starting to be scary...
  16. It is possible that you smell good but, that isn't the true reason :p
  17. I am unsure, but I found another surprise!

    I really don't know where to hide now... I can't hide underwater anymore... These spawn on me too!
  18. If you don't want them to attack you, just turn your difficulty lower than 7. If it is 7 or above, the mini-bosses will auto attack you, even if you don't attack them. But if you turn your difficulty to 6 or below, then you can simply walk around them without having to worry about them attacking you.
  19. Yeah... Hmmm, I seem to have noted that... My difficulty is at 6... Strange, I already thought of that after the first encounter with Marlix... Now, where is the stupid one that spawned on me at my wild base... (How do they keep doing this btw? That is the 3rd Marlix to spawn on me the past 7 days!)

    Edit: I feel like my thumbnail, Quercus Alba ~ Spread the word, needs to be updated to: Mini-Boss Madness. Can you top 2 Momentus and 3 Marlix spawns in a week?