Momentus Boxing Match

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  1. Sooo.... 5 people Killed a momentus with fists, here are pics, it DID happen

    Err, Parkerjv9 can add on to here with the pictures I didnt take
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  2. Is a momentus a zombie giant? Of it is... It must've took 9999999999999999 centuries
  3. I'm being sarcastic btw
  4. Warning: Lots of pictures :p

    2013-11-22_20.37.03.png 2013-11-22_20.39.28.png

    It took about 30 minutes, but we did it. :D
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  5. I can't see any pictures...
    EDIT: Just saw your post
  6. and you guys did it without me :U
  7. Wow that's amazing!