Mojang avatars!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by nkdrew, May 5, 2012.

  1. Looking for a mojang avatar like notchs ? or jebs? well here you go the very first website where you can customize your avatar ! CUSTOMLY !

    When you send an email to them put nkdrew sent you in there! Thank you for taking time to look that this!
  2. 20 bucks for something someone could do in paint, gimp, or Photoshop. That kind of sounds cheap.
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  3. ditto :eek:
  4. Somebody PLEASE tell me why people post shortened URLs in places where there's no character limit, like on this forum. It makes sense on places like Twitter, but otherwise?! They obfuscate links, you have no idea where you're going to end up by clicking on them!
  5. They also track how many people click on them , but i agree they are quite a plague. ( there's a few plugins out there that will show you the source link , but they aren't very reliable from my experience )
  6. $20 dollars for that? And i dont wven know how good they are if i wanted to spend $20 ob something it would be diamond supporter not a skin fir minecraft when i could with an extra $5 buy another minecraft account
  7. Does anyone nows how many dollars buying Minecraft is? I bought it in €. In € it is €20!

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  8. Minecraft cost $26.95
  9. Ok! €20 to, that's the same I think
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  10. I took it as an Avatar like this:
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