Mojang Accounts

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by FlevasGR, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Who has mojang account?
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  2. What to do with a mojang account?
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  3. Look at the plethora of Mojang games you own.
  4. Me I do! I had to convert because a hacker was trying to change my password.
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  5. lol, you with your good shop :p
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  6. FlevasGR, we bought MineCraft the same day! I do at 29th September too!
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  7. me too!
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  8. Everyone? :p
  9. Brothers :)
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  10. They cant hack you
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  11. Ok :D
  12. Yeah, I have a Mojang account, and I spent 3 months not being able to change my alpha skin because I forgot me email address :p All is good now, though!
  13. LittleBigPlanet2 Create Guide. :)
  14. I have a mojang account. In the near future minecraft accounts will be scrapped for mojang accounts.
  15. Lol, i'm making a game and just want a break from it, and I have my own PSN account and my brother and sister got LBP2 the day it came out. Just want to make a good level that's all, and the guy is perfect for helping me in his videos :p
  16. I have one, sometimes I hate it because instead of getting to use my username to login I have to type my email otherwise it says it's wrong >~<
  17. Oh no, I's a great game. Some people will definitely give good building tips. Hope it's a big time level like some other ones.
  18. scrolls or cobalt anyone?
  19. I have a mojang account... Or do I?